Gambling Responsibly

BLACK BOOK SPORTS is not a Gambling Website.  If you view our website, subscribe to our services, or use our insights and information for placing wagers on sporting events, we encourage you to do so in a responsible manner.


If you have questions or concerns about your own gaming behavior or about that of a friend or family member, a good place to start is the National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG). Founded in 1996 as a charitable organization, the National Center for Responsible Gaming is exclusively devoted to funding research for gaming-related issues and effective methods of treatment. The research that they support and conduct is scientific, peer-reviewed, and focused on prevention, diagnostic, intervention and treatment strategies, and advancing public education about responsible gaming.


The NCRG website ( provides a variety of support and referral sources for help with counseling and crisis support for any affected by a gaming-related issue.


You can also contact a 24 Hour Confidential National Helpline Number: 1-111-111-1111